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F*#k A Garnish!

Ok now that I have your attention I want to ask you something...

Does a garnish in your cocktail really make a difference or can you do without?

As event and wedding bartenders we notice many times guests are in such a hurry to get back to the festivities they grab their drink quicker than we can garnish it!

But how important is the cocktail garnish?

Well if you're trying to hit up the dance floor ASAP because your song just came on then a garnish is understandably a second (or fifth) afterthought. However if that's not the case and you'd like to experience the drink in it's entirety then a garnish really is the cherry on top.

For us at LA Speakeasy we like to use garnishes that compliment and enhance the flavors in a drink. We use things like citrus wheels and peels, herbs, spices, oils bitters, and more, to leverage the sense of sight and smell in order to send signals to your brain that something delicious is coming. In other words we try to get you to taste the drink before you even put your lips to it.

That's why craft cocktail bartenders slap mint and squeeze orange peels over your drink; to release the fragrant oils that stimulate the nerve cells in your nose and mouth, thus enhancing the drink through a multi-sensory experience.

But again, do cocktail garnishes matter or can you do without?


This pretty much boils down to what you want; do you prefer a well crafted cocktail that's going to stimulate your senses or would cola and a shot of whiskey suffice?

It's kind of like choosing the right bartending service for your wedding or special event; do you care about quality and details or would any bartender that can mix Jack & Coke be ok?

LA Speakeasy is more than a bartending service; it's your very own craft cocktail experience.

When the drinks matter #LASPEAKEASY


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