Q: How many drinks can I have on the menu?
A: Our standard service allows up to four (4) specialty cocktails, however we can accommodate more (+$).
Q: Can I pick drinks from both menus- "Signature" and "Classic"?
A: Yes, certainly! However this would be considered a Signature menu, even if it's just one (1) Signature drink and three (3) Classic.
Q: How many bartenders will be at my event?
A: Our services include one bartender for every 40-60 guests with a bar back (assistant) filling in between bartenders. For example, if you're expecting 75 guests we'll staff one bartender and one bar back; 100 guests will be two bartenders; and if you're expecting 150 guests we'll have two bartenders and a bar back, so forth and so forth. Additional bartenders may be added for an additional $50 per hour per bartender.
Q: Will you bring enough ice, water, and soft drinks for my guests?
A: We sure will! You don't have to worry about a thing except supplying the alcohol. We bring Coke, Diet Coke, 7Up, club soda, ginger ale, tonic, cranberry, pineapple, and orange juices. And yes we can make simple mixed drinks with these, like vodka-cranberry, whiskey-ginger ale, etc. However keep in mind all our supplies is for bar use only; please plan accordingly if additional water and soft drinks are needed.
Q: My guest count is 150 but only 100 will be drinking; can you quote me for 100 people?
A: Unfortunately we've tried this before and it just doesn't work out. Non-drinkers still come up to the bar and ask for non-alcoholic specialty drinks (mocktails), soda, juice, water, etc. The number of drinks served wouldn't necessarily change, just the amount of alcohol purchased.
Q: Our venue has a bar so we won't need yours- does this change the price?
A: Maybe. In order for us to provide adequate service we need a two-tier service station (not a flat surface). LA Speakeasy would need to see the bar, approve it, then we can knock off $50 for the convenience.
Q: Do you offer tastings?
A: We sure do! Tastings are available for $250; if you decide to book $50 will be credited toward your balance. If you would like to set up a tasting please email Iveth to 
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes; we hold a $1M general and liquor liability policy. If your venue requires to be named as additional insured please let us know and we'll provide them with a certificate of insurance.
Q: How long does set up take?
A: Every event is different, so we prefer setting up at least 2-3 hours before service. 
Q: Can you provide the alcohol?
A: Unfortunately we cannot supply alcohol for your event, however we recommend ordering from BevMo for free delivery on purchases over $500. They're usually able to deliver 2-3 hours before the event and our team can be there to receive the order if you'd like. Check out for more details.
Q: Can you also serve beer and wine?
A: Yes we can serve beer and wine at the bar in addition to cocktails; however we do not offer bartenders for beer and wine service only. Beer and wine options must be limited to three types (i.e. lager, ale, light and/ or red, white, rose')