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Bubbly Cocktails (NYE 2018)

Bring in the New Year with style!

Here are top 5 bubbly cocktails from your favorite Los Angeles bartending service to make all your dreams come true this NYE (not really):

Champagne Cocktail

1 sugar cube

3 dashes Angostura bitters

4 oz Champagne

Orange twist

Air Mail

1 oz aged rum

¾ oz honey syrup

¾ oz fresh lime juice

2 oz Champagne

Lemon Twist

French 75

1 oz gin

¾ oz simple syrup

¾ oz fresh lemon juice

2 oz Champagne

Lemon Twist

St. Germain Cocktail

1 oz St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

¾ oz fresh lemon juice

3 oz Champagne


Bae Spritzer

1 oz vodka

¾ oz fresh grapefruit juice

½ oz simple syrup

¼ oz fresh lime juice

2 oz Prosecco

Rosemary + grapefruit

Or just make it easy and hire the best bartending service in Los Angeles- LA Speakeasy!

It's too late now, but you know, for next year ;-)

Cheers and Happy New Year!!!!!


More than a bartending service; Your very own craft cocktail experience.

When the drinks matter #laspeakeasy

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