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Welcome To LA Speakeasy

Hello there.

Welcome to our new blog.

We’re going to be using this platform to share everything that’s currently going on with LA Speakeasy along with great tips and info related to craft cocktails, special events, and drinking in Los Angeles.

So what do we mean by craft cocktails? We mean an alcoholic beverage made by hand using all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors- the same way a barkeep would've made it a hundred years ago. We’ll consider a Margarita craft if it’s made purely of natural ingredients (lime and natural agave nectar, preferably organic) instead of an artificial mix.

And why special events? Because we want to elevate the bar experience of private parties and replace typical uninspired cocktails with something more pleasing to the senses. This is why we’ll be sharing tips on how to batch craft cocktails for your next party, how to shop for quality and value spirits, plus a ton of other great ideas to fancy up the cocktails for your next event.

So stay posted.

LA Speakeasy Team

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